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Buying Process

Step 1. Preparatory

The major task on this stage is to familiarize with our catalogue of properties and select those that best fit your wishes and needs. 

Having made an idea of what should be your future Spanish property, please contact us in any way described here. Our specialists will give you all the information on how to organize your trip to Spain and what issues should be taken into consideration.  

Step 2. Visit

You can start visiting apartments and houses on the very first day of your arrival. Seeing everything with your own eyes will help you orient in the variety of offers, evaluate the qualities of this or that property and make the final decision. Our experienced specialists will always accompany and advise you.

Step 3. Legal Formalities

After you have chosen the property of your dream, we can proceed to legal formalities.

Our services include:

  •  Getting issued a NIE number (the identification number for non-Spanish citizens) in the police office;

  •  Opening an account in a Spanish bank;

  •  Arranging a mortgage with a Spanish bank (if necessary);

  •  Accompanying to a notary and a lawyer.

At this stage a heads of agreement is drawn up (for those who has not made it during the viewing trip), and the day of the deal is fixed. The buyer leaves a deposit amounted to 5-10% of the purchase price.

We ensure that all the properties in our database have been fully checked by our competent specialists. We provide our clients all the legal documentation including the Land Registry extract and the Cadastral certificate, as well as check that there’re no debts or charges on the property, no legal proceedings initiated against the property, revise planning permissions, the building restrictions, the latest town plan, etc.

It’s important to mention that since PSSHOMES took its place in Spain’s housing market in 2002, we have never had a single case of litigation, a fact that few of our competitors can boast of.

Step 4. The Deal

At this stage the purchase is completed at the Notary’s office, where both sides – the seller and the buyer – sign the title deed (Escritura). The seller is given a bank check for the full amount of the purchase, and the buyer is given the keys from their new property as well as the copy of the title deed. From then on you become a legal owner of Spanish property!

The original of the deed is sent to Spanish property registry for inscription and is given you back in approximately two months. In case of mortgage, the public deed is sent back to the bank.

If you pay the property using your own funds, the whole purchase process takes from 5 to 7 days; in case of mortgage, all the formalities are completed in approximately 1.5 months.

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